ZIMSEC 2021 Exams To Spill Over Into 2022

The 2021 Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) November examinations that usually start late October will this year start late November for Grade Seven candidates, and mid December for Ordinary and Advanced Level candidates, overlapping into 2022.

This development was revealed by Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo while responding to questions in Parliament on Wednesday.

"The examination dates have only been given so far as when they are going to begin and that is the end of November for Grade Sevens.

"Mid-December, we are going to have the O and A Levels which are going to overlap into 2022", said Moyo.

According to Moyo, the ministry believes candidates would have been prepared for examinations by then.

"With regards to the point that children have lost time, we are employing catch up strategies to ensure that the children do catch up and one of them is through blended learning where we are using different learning and teaching platforms.

"Inclusive of that is going to be materials that are going to be given to children. Some of them have been given those materials and e-learning is also underway so that they do catch up.

However, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) chief executive officer, Sifiso Ndlovu said that learners have to be assessed based on what they have covered and exam papers have to be set according to that, which results in a long process of coursework.

"Learners have to be assessed on what they have covered and exam papers should be set according to that. Another issue is on CALAs (Continuous Learners Assessments), this is a long process of coursework and considering limited learning time learners can be assessed in one activity."

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president, Takavafira Zhou recently said pupils need three months of uninterrupted learning and the exams should be shifted to around mid-January to February next year when teachers would have completed their syllabuses.

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.


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