Zim Govt Warns Absconding Teachers

Zim Govt Warns Absconding Teachers

Zim Govt Warns Absconding Teachers

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education warned teachers who have not yet reported for duty that they will face disciplinary action following revelations that by Friday last week, about 30 per cent of teachers had not reported for work.

In an interview with State media, Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo said the ministry will keep on monitoring the attendance of teachers and relevant disciplinary action will be taken against those who do not report for work.

"The majority of our teachers had gone to work on Monday but what is concerning is that some had not reported for duty while learners were there.

"Last Friday an average of 67,4 per cent of teachers were at work and the difference could have been that some teachers responsible for non-examination classes were waiting for their pupils to open on Monday.

"We have rules and regulations guiding our operations and if teachers abscond, they will face disciplinary action.

Moyo went to say that teachers who have grievances should wait for them to be addressed by relevant authorities rather than making learners sacrificial lambs.

"Parents are paying school fees and we want them to get value for their money and this is possible if their children are learning.

"Teachers shouldn’t violate the rights of learners in order to compensate for theirs. They must be patient and their problems will be solved."

However, since most teachers are complaining of incapacitation and have no bus fare to report to their posts, telling them to wait for their issues to be addressed by relevant authorities is the same as telling them to stay at home.

Moyo also warned schools against turning back learners for non-payment of school fees, after some parents had complained that their children were being turned away from school. Instead, he said, school authorities should engage parents over the payment of fees without inconveniencing learners.

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