Zim Government Bans Children From Attending Church

The Zimbabwean government has advised religious congregations not to allow children to attend church services, at a time when churches have been reopened to vaccinated members only.

Since churches have been opened to vaccinated members only, most parents have been attending church with children who are below the minimum age of vaccination.

Not only did the government lower the minimum age of vaccination to 14 years from 18 years, but they also banned children below the minimum age from attending church.

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa said only fully vaccinated members were allowed to attend church and therefore, all children below 14 years cannot attend church services since they are not eligible for vaccination.

This baffled and vexed parents who could not face the prospect of attending church without their dear children. Some parents said it defies logic for parents or guardians to attend church services in the absence of their children.

Most churchgoers took this move to be a violation of religion by politicians. Some even pointed out the fact that the same politicians barring their kids from attending church had even not compelled their party members to be vaccinated, but they choose to bully the church. Several other members prefered to continue to attending online church services since they cannot afford to have their children segregated on matters of faith.

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