What Is Corporal Punishment?

A corporal punishment is a punishment which is intended to cause physical pain to a person. Corporal punishment is usually applied to children.

All children misbehave. Every parent faces the challenge of how to discipline his or her child. It can be frustrating when a child acts out or has significant behavior problems.

Sometimes children misbehave, so they need limits and rules. Though T
there are many ways to give children rules and correct their behavior, the primitive way has always been corporal punishment.

Examples of corporal punishment include:

  • Spanking, (one of the most common methods of corporal punishment)
  • hitting with an object, such as a belt, hairbrush, whip, or stick
  • slapping
  • pinching
  • ear pulling
  • jabbing
  • shoving
  • choking
  • forcing a person to assume and maintain a position that becomes painful over time.
  • denying a person bathroom privileges.
  • withholding water and food
  • making someone eat soap, hot sauce, hot pepper, or other unpleasant substances

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Is corporal really effective?

Corporal punishment may seem to work in the short-term but has nasty long-term consequences. The consequences of corporal punishment on a child include:

  • the child becoming a bully.
  • the child become aggressive, among other behavioral problems.
  • broken relationship between parents and kids.
  • poor self-esteem and a sense of worthlessness
  • corporal punishment impaires a child’s trust and confidence.
  • the child may develop a mentality that hitting others is okay
  • depression, anxiety, and personality problems
  • corporal punishment can also cause injury or death of a child.
  • corporal punishment teaches a child that physical force is the best way to resolve conflict.

Moreover, later in life, parents who were physically punished as children tend to physically punish their own children.

Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, corporal punishment is not an effective method of managing a child’s behavior.

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