"We Are Stuck There Is No Way Out," Say Zim Student In Ukraine

Due to the difficulties being faced in evacuating foreign nationals out of Ukraine, Zimbabwe has advised its nationals in the country to "self-evacuate" from the warzone if possible. This comes after the Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Thursday morning, launched a military assault its neighbour, Ukraine, using bombs and missiles.

Zimbabwe responded by urging all its citizens in Ukraine to communicate with the Zimbabwean Embassy in Germany for assistance on the evacuation procedures, since Zimbabwe does not have an embassy in Ukraine.

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Evacuate yourselves to a third country

According to the Zimbabwean Embassy in Berlin there are 256 Zimbabwean citizens in Ukraine. The embassy advised the Zimbabwean nationals to leave Ukraine to a third country by any means possible. From there they would be safely evacuated. The embassy also mentioned that they have spoken to different embassies to allow safe passage of our nationals.

"We are stuck we can’t evacuate ourselves in a warzone," says one student

Nehanda Radio had a telephone conversation with one Zimbabwean medical student in Ukraine, Ngonidzashe Mukufa who said that he and his colleagues were stuck.

According to Makufa, who has been doing his studies for five years in Ukraine, "The situation in Ukraine is, regardless of your nationality, there is no country ready to help you while you’re still in Ukraine. You have to find your way to the nearest border. When you get into Poland, Moldova, Belarus or Russia, there you can get help.

"Today Ambassador Sango (Mike Nicholas Sango) in Russia updated that even Russia is now taking foreigners. You only need to find your way to the border with your passport. When you get there, you tell them that there is an evacuation plan and they will help you,” he said.

Makufa lamented the fact that there is no means to get to the border so that one can cross into another country. He recounted that he also tried, for three days, to find a way out but his efforts has been in vain. However, Makufa believes that the only way would be for the Zimbabwean government to talk to Ukraine officials and organise a police or military escort to take them to the Poland border.

Mukufa went on: "Maybe the situation can change but I doubt because some students have given up already."

We too hope the situation will change for the better.

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.


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