Useful Tips On How to Write a Powerful Conclusion for Your Essay

Writing a powerful conclusion is one of the most challenging parts of essay writing. About 60% of the students we spoke to admitted that concluding an essay is even more challenging than starting it. In fact, most of them didn’t even know the importance of properly concluding an essay. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

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What is an Essay Conclusion?

An essay conclusion is the closing paragraph of an essay, summarizing its thesis and arguments.

A good essay conclusion drives home the main points of your essay one last time and give your readers an understanding of why your essay matters. It should also give your reader something to ponder after reading your essay.

Many people make the grave mistake of trying to include new thoughts and afterthoughts in the conclusion. But, a conclusion is all about wrapping up the essay, so no new ideas should be introduced. The conclusion should:

  • restate the thesis
  • summarize the essay’s arguments
  • leave readers with a lasting impression.

How to write a conclusion for your essay

The steps on how to write a strong essay conclusion include:

  • Restating the thesis in other other words.
  • Reviewing your supporting ideas.
  • Summarizing how you proved the thesis.
  • Connecting the closing statement to the opening statement.

Parts of a concluding paragraph

An essay conclusion is one paragraph long and its length (number of sentences) will depend on how many paragraphs your essay has.

1. An opening statement

The opening statement of a conclusion should restate the thesis of the essay. Usually it simply involves rephrasing your thesis statement and using it as an opening statement.

2. A summary of the essay’s arguments

You can summarize the essay’s main arguments in 2-3 sentences to wrap up your essay. Your summary should also explain how the arguments fit together to bring out the objective of the essay.

3. A concluding statement

The concluding statement is the final statement of your essay. It indicates to the reader that you are closing the paragraph. Concluding statements usually start with the following phrases:

  • In conclusion …
  • Therefore …
  • As expressed …
  • As a result …
  • Thus …
  • Finally …
  • Lastly …
  • For this reason …
  • In general
  • All in all
  • In other words
  • In brief
  • In short

How you write the concluding statement depends on the type of essay you are writing. For example, for a:

  • narrative essay, the concluding statement should reemphasize the moral of the story.
  • descriptive essay, the concluding statement must emphasize the details from the topic.
  • argumentative essay, the concluding statement must summarize the argument made and reaffirm why the argument is correct.

A concluding statement can include the final thoughts in the same sentence or you can have a concluding statement followed by a final thought. For example:

You can develop your mind and pass your exams with these simple steps. Although the procedure takes a lot of time and effort, the results are worth it.

The example above shows the concluding statement, which reiterates the theme of the essay, followed by writer’s opinion as the afterthought.

Examples of concluding essays

As I stated earlier, the opening statement of your conclusion should be a paraphrasing of your thesis in the introduction.

Example 1

Thesis (in introduction): "Scientists are better leaders than lawyers."

Conclusion opening statement: "Scientists make the best leaders in the world."

Then from sentence 2 to 4 you review the arguments you presented in the body by summarizing and paraphrasing how you used them to prove your thesis. For example:

"Scientists are innovators, good at solving problems, and can ultimately create a more advanced world if given leadership positions. How wonderfully advanced the world would be if the innovators and drivers of technology become our leaders."

For the concluding statement, connect your readers to the essay hook statement and try to give them food for thought. For example:

"Choose a better future, vote for a scientist."

Example 2

Our analysis has shown that the company cannot sustain the excessive spending by the management team. We will go bankrupt and fail to pay our creditors or even our employees. The employees will dessert us and without employees we are done. Therefore, we must review the spending of the management team if we are to save the company from going bankrupt.

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