Top 5 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Likely Replace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually "taking over the world". Not in a bad way yet, at least. As of yet, AI has helped transform the way businesses operate, the way scientists conduct research, the way entertainment businesses program, among other things. That is because, for the boring repetitive tasks, AI can perform them much better, faster, and efficiently than a human being.

AI is likely to leave a lot of workers, especially those that do manual and repetitive jobs, unemployed. Skills requirements in most jobs are constantly being updated as the AI technology develops. This leads to many people asking the question, "Is my job safe?"

To answer that question, we have compiled a list of jobs that are likely to be taken over by artificial intelligence.


Part of the accountant’s job is to examine, analyse, and interpret accounting records in order to prepare financial statements. That is the part we are worried about, because that part can be automated. It is actually cheaper for an organisation to automate the process of examining, analysing, and interpreting accounting records with an automated software than to hire an accountant.

Some accountants I talked to on this issue argued that it is impossible to completely automate accounting because at the end of a financial analysis there is a decision making process that can’t be automated. But that is because of the limitations of the current AI, which we all know is rapidly improving on daily basis.

Even if accounting is not fully automated, the parts that can be automated will definitely decrease the demand for accountants. Hence their salaries will be less competitive.

How long it will take for AI to take over accounting jobs is not yet clear. However, many organisations are investing a lot of time and money researching on how to completely automate a company’s accounts.

Delivery Drivers

According to Replaced By Robot, there is a 98% chance that "Delivery Drivers" will almost certainly be replaced by robots. This isn’t surprising at all. We have recently seen a rise in the number of companies using robots and drones for logistics and supply chain functions.

For small packages drones and robots are fast, cheaper, and more efficient. Larger shipments still require larger vehicles. However many tech companies are in the race to develop fully autonomous vehicles. That will be the end of driving as we know it.

Customer service personnel

Whether AI will completely take over customers services or not, is nolonger a debate. Many companies are already using automated chatbots to provide customer service support, thanks to developments made in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Machine Learning involves giving a computer program access to sources of data and having the program "learn" by finding the patterns in the information. Customer service generates large amounts of structured data suitable for Machine Learning. A computer program can "learn" from previous records of customers asking questions and support teams answering those questions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows a computer to be able to "understand" written human languages in customer service emails, phone calls, or chats, enabling the software to make a decision based on that understanding.

One of the AI-powered customer service that is replacing customer support personnel is the chatbot. A chatbot can converse naturally with human customers providing them assistance or answers.

Market research analysts

Market research analysts are very important in business because they help develop products, services and marketing campaigns that are tailored for the target market.

However, due to machine learning, AI can now automated the role of market research analysts. N AI can both conduct surveys and generate a comprehensive market research reports using algorithms. This can make market research faster and cheaper, cutting down project timelines from months to hours.

Many organisations are already using AI-driven market research to make day-to-day decisions.


AI can now power proofreading applications and software, reducing the demand for proofreaders. Many blogger sites are now using automated software and tools to check grammatical errors, correct sentence structures, and detect plagiarism. Using AI is quick, cheaper and less time consuming.


As artificial intelligence continue to develop, transforming the way we live, most of our jobs will become obsolete. Computer programs are increasingly becoming more efficient than human beings in many aspects.

Even for some of the jobs that will be automated, there will likely be need for a certain amount of human supervision. However, those who lose their jobs to AI will have to adapt and learn new skills in order to continue being viable.

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.

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