Over 1000 Students Tested Positive For Covid-19 Since Schools Opened This Month

The Ministry Of Health And Child Care has release an update on Covid 19 infections in Zimbabwean schools.

According to the ministry, as of the 23th September 2021, there are 1 281 school children and 131 teachers who have tested positive for Covid-19 across the country since schools opened on 30 August.

The bulk of the reported cases are from boarding secondary schools across the country.

The government said that schools will remain open amid the rising number of cases since most of the reported cases have been mild case not requiring hospitalization and there have been no fatalities have been reported.

Below is part of the ministry’s press statement:

The Ministry wishes to assure the nation and the affected parents that measures are being taken to safeguard the safety and health of the affected learners. The following mitigation measures have been put in place;

  1. Increased COVID-19 testing of all suspected cases on-site.
  2. Isolation and management of all positive cases at the affected schools.
  3. Quarantine of the all learners that have been exposed at their schools.
  4. Restriction of movement into and out of the affected learning institutions/ schools until there are no more new cases. This includes prohibition of visitations by parents.
  5. Enhanced public health and social measures including physical distancing, corhoting, hand washing and sanitization and proper wearing of face mask and exercising good hygienic standards.
  6. Vaccination of eligible population within the schools and the surrounding communities
  7. Increased awareness on COVID-19 in the schools and surrounding communities.
    The Ministry urges the affected schools and communities to continue practising strict hygiene, sanitization, handwashing, physical distancing and proper wearing of masks. Those suspecting COVID 19 must seek medical attention from the nearest health facility. Furthermore, eligible people should go for vaccination offered at the nearest health facility.

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