No Learner Should Be Sent Home Over Fees - Zim Govt

No Learner Should Be Sent Home Over Fees – Zim Govt

No Learner Should Be Sent Home Over Fees – Zim Govt

No learner should be sent home over fees says the Zimbabwean Government as it implored schools not to send pupils home over failure to pay the full amount of fees on time. Instead, suggested the government, school should make payment plans with parents and guardians without sending the learners back home.

Speaking to State media on Sunday, Primary and Secondary Education Ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said the government wants all pupils to be allowed to attend classes while parents engage schools authorities on payment plans.

Said Ndoro, “All things go ahead as both learners and teachers are ready for the resumption of examination classes.

“In terms of school fees, schools are allowed to do payment plans with parents.

“We want learners to go back to school first, parents should just engage authorities with their payment plans, but no one should be sent home.”

The three examination classes, Grade Seven, Form Four and Upper Six resume face to face learning today, Monday, with the rest of the classes joining next Monday.

The published school calendar revealed that they are 80 school days in the 16 weeks given to examination classes. Other classes, which start next Monday, will have 75 school days in a 15-week term.

Meanwhile, parents have bemoaned the rise in the prices of food and uniforms and a rise in schools fees. The rise in school fees has been approved by the government which noted that the term is 33% longer than a nomal term and therefore fees should be 33% more.

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