NetOne To Review Bundle Tariffs On 6 September

State-owned network provider, NetOne will review bundle tariffs with effect from Monday, 6 September 2021. NetOne made the announcement through a public notice on its social media channels:

NetOne To Review Bundle Tariffs On 6 September

"Please be advised that we are reviewing our bundle tariffs with effect from 06 September 2021."

NetOne didn’t announce the percentage by which they are reviewing their prices. However, NetOne customers are not happy over the announcement as they complained of poor network connectivity. Many users didn’t seem concerned by the tariff review but by the poor service they are getting.

The network has been gradually deteriorating over the past months, with many users complaining of no Internet connection in the evenings.

Here are some of the comments from the users:

Khulekani Mazibuko Hlambelo

Why is it that between 8pm and 10pm your data services aren’t working, or I’m the only one experiencing poor connectivity service during that period?

Tinashe Zvihwati

About a couple of months ago, NetOne used to provide probably the best Internet connection with really good speeds. It’s not the case now. Sometimes panoitika downtime for hours. And now they have the audacity to increase prices. Izvi takusiya izvi. Bye bye NetOne.

Margaret Jewel Luwa

I bought the one-fi bundle for the month of August and the network was pathetic, I couldn’t stream soccer matches or even watch a series. That’s how bad it was, to my surprise that bundle ddnt even take me thru the next month 25gig gone like that. I purchased it again this month and am experiencing the same network issues.
Then u want to increase the tariffs instead of fixing your network!!! This s pathetic!!!! Absolute rubbish, we deserve better.

Dione Mitchelle

I have been to your inbox so many times complaining about slow Internet connection ,can you please do something.. Your customer service was the best but now mangofanana nevamwe vese.

Michael Timire

I’m no longer using my sim,the network is zero here but I’m just few kilometers from Chinhoi town. Only Buddie here.
Can you assist in every way possible?

Mutiwekuziwa Tariro

I always experience zero data network between 18:00 to around 22:00 on daily basis is it my phone or please help.

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