Mystery Fever Killing Children In India

Mystery fever killing children in India. For more than a week now, children in some districts in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have been waking up with a high fever and drenched in sweat, with many of them complaining of joint pains, headaches, dehydration and nausea. Rashes across legs and arms have been reported in some cases.

A tally of more than 50 people, mostly children, have succumbed to this fever so far. Several hundreds have been hospitalised in six districts in the eastern part of the state. However, none of the dead tested positive for Covid-19, dispelling fears that it might be a new Covid-19 variant.

This fever, which some physicians believe to be dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection, comes at a time when India is slowly recovering from a deadly second wave of coronavirus. Many of the patients were taken to hospital with a declining platelet – a blood component which helps form clots – count, which is a characteristic of a severe form of dengue.

"The patients, especially children, in hospitals are dying very quickly," says Dr Neeta Kulshrestha, the most senior health official of Firozabad district, where 40 people, including 32 children, have died in the past week.

Dengue, a tropical disease transmitted by female mosquitoes, has been circulating in India for hundreds of years. Though it is endemic in more than 100 countries, 70% of the cases are reported from Asia.

Source: Yahoo News

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