Mwonzora Apologises For Harsh Remarks on "Polytechnical College Mentality"

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora on Sunday took to twitter to apologise for the "harsh" comment in which he appeared to be attacking the quality of education at the Harare Polytechnic in response to Pedzisai Ruhanya’s criticism.

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How it all started

It all started with Ruhanya accusing Mwonzora of being the greatest political betrayal there ever was and also of being closely associated with the ruling Zanu PF. Ruhanya’s tweet read:

In Zimbabwe’s modern, contemporary history, there is no person and political party that beats Douglas Mwonzora and MDC-T in selling out and betraying the cause of the masses..

Mwonzora’s response

Mwonzora’s response then seemed to attack the fact that Ruhanya studied at Harare Polytechnic before going on to the University of Zimbabwe. Ask me and I will tell you that he kind of hit below the belt when he equated the Harare Polytechnic to Morogoro, a Tanzanian primary training camp for freedom for fighters during the war of independence. Translated to english, his tweet read:

My brother that is why they say you have to directly go to university not via Morogoro or via Nechingweya. Poly ruined you my brother.

And here is the tweet:

Public response to Mwonzora’s harsh remarks

Mwonzora’s remarks drew the ire of people like exiled former minister of higher education, Professor Jonathan Moyo who described Mwonzora’s views as demented and corrupt. Moyo replied:

Your views on education are so demented and corrupt that no parent or guardian would want to be your neighbour, let alone to have you as a leader in their political party.

Another tweeter (@world_supa) user had this to say:

Finally Mwonzora apologises

Mwonzora later did the honourable thing, apologised and clarified the issue by explaining that he was not attacking the quality of education at Harare Polytechnic.

He tweeted:

I apologise unreservedly to the good Zimbabweans who may have found this tweet offensive. I was attacking the type of student politics at the Polytechnical college during Mr Ruhanya’s time and not the quality of education there. Once again sorry.

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