Jobless Teachers Criticise Zim Govt's Recruitment System Over Bias

Jobless Teachers Criticise Zim Govt’s Recruitment System Over Bias

Jobless Teachers Criticise Zim Govt’s Recruitment System Over Bias

Some of the aggrieved qualified but jobless teachers are criticising the government’s online teacher recruitment system saying it is biased towards recent graduates. They accused the online recruitment system of disadvantaging those who had graduated earlier, as their details were not captured.

One of the aggrieved teachers told CITE that even though he graduated in 2019 and registered in December of the same year, he is yet to be offered a job by the government but those who graduated later are employed.

Said the teacher, "I graduated from the United College of Education in 2019 with a Diploma in Education specialising in Early Child Development.

"I registered in December when registration opened and all those who I registered with have been employed including applicants who graduated later than me yet my name should be on the system.

"I have been to the education office in Bulawayo, travelled all the way to Maphisa in Matobo and Plumtree to register but we are always told to come register and update our details."

In an interview with CITE, Director of Communications and Advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro, said there were a number of fundamentals that were factored so it was unfair to criticise the recruitment system.

Ndoro said, "Did these teachers do the same subjects, did they ask to be deployed in the same area, which districts or provinces did they sign for. All these are factors that come into play.

He pointed out that the government could not hire each and every unemployed teachers as there were limited vacancies.

"You must investigate how many vacancies we have and the number of unemployed teachers.

"There are about 20 000 to 30 000 unemployed teachers out there yet the ministry only has 3 000 vacancies, how do you expect us to take them all?.

"What if the ‘lucky ones’ also applied several times before. As I said there are fundamentals that are considered when applicants apply.

"Those who apply should not despair; their turn will come and will be taken if they are still interested.

Ndoro added that the online system was centralised at the head office and managed jointly by the PSC, and that it “very unlikely” could be manipulated.

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