iPhone 13 Face ID Won’t Work After Screen Replacement By Third Party

iPhone 13 Face ID won’t work after screen replacement by third party repair store or provider, other than those licensed or affiliated with Apple through its Independent Repair Program.

Apple is notorius for making it difficult for third-party repair stores and providers to fix and repair their products. It already displays a prompt for customers inside Settings that informs them if their display is a "non-genuine display," and a similar prompt for "non-genuine cameras". Apple justifies these prompts saying they help inform customers if they aren’t using genuine Apple parts.

With the ‌iPhone 13‌ this year, Apple has made it increasingly difficult for customers to get repairs from third-party stores and providers. As shown in this repair video by Phone Repair Guru, the ‌iPhone 13‌ screen does not contain any hardware components needed for Face ID to function. All the components for the TrueDepth system are housed in the ‌iPhone‌ itself. However, if an ‌iPhone 13‌ display is replaced with a "non-genuine" or even a genuine, original ‌iPhone 13‌ display, Face ID surprisingly stops working.

According to the video, even if an iPhone 13 display is replaced with a genuine and original ‌iPhone 13‌ screen from another iPhone 13, Face ID will stop working. The repair technician swapped two original ‌iPhone 13‌ screens resulting in Face ID of both iPhones becoming inoperative until the original screen is installed back on its original ‌iPhone 13‌.

Apple has its own Independent ‌iPhone‌ Repair Program, which even allows any third-party repair center to become an authorized Apple service provider as long as they meet the requirements. This Repair Program can be accessed from many countries worldwide though it has higher prices, longer wait times, and poor customer service than third-party repair stores. However, certified companies under the Independent ‌iPhone‌ Repair Program have access to genuine Apple parts, manuals, and device instructions not available to third-party repair stores.

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