How to write a report

A report is a specifically organised and designed way of writing, identifying and examining events or findings that has happened physically.

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Format in which a report is written

  • Date (write the date on which the report is written.)

  • Recipient (The one through which the report is addressed)

  • Title ( Based on the requirements of the report)

  • From ( Your name in full e.g Daniel Matupire the minister)

  • Introduction – The purpose of the introduction is outlining the purpose of the report .

  • The body – It is regarded as the main part of the report.

    Make sure that the most important information comes first and develop a specific point into a paragragh.

  • Conclusion

    A reminder to the reader about what was good and bad about the subject. Sum up the main points of your report. Your conclussion should be written in plain English.

Recommemdations in writing a report

These recommendations benefits you specifically by boosting your marks.

  • Write your report in plain english.
  • Write in paragraphs.
  • Use names and pronouns such as(we, him and I).
  • Write in a more formal way.
  • Make your report easy to read and understand by grouping points in paragraphs.
  • Avoid expressions such as "The above mentioned person."
  • Use factors that can be observed.
  • Avoid writing hunches and guesses.
  • Use simple and specific langauge.


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