How To Create A PDF File On Android using WPS office

I am constantly asked by students to help them create PDF documents. Most of them can’t do it by themselves because they don’t have computers and they don’t think its possible to create a PDF document using a phone.

I am going to be talking about one of the easiest ways to create a PDF document on a Android phone using WPS office. This method requires no knowledge of any markup or markdown languages. It only requires an android phone that is capable of running the WPS office app.

Here are the steps for creating a PDF document using WPS office on android.

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Step 1 – Install WPS office on your android phone

Head over to Google play store and type “WPS office” in the search bar. If your phone supports the WPS office app, you will be shown the “install” button. Click install and wait for it to install.

If you do not have Google play store on your android phone, open your browser and visit Apkpure. On Apkpure, search “WPS office” and click install. If you are using the Google Chrome browser you might be shown a warning that the file might damage your phone. Ignore the warning, apps on Apkpure are as safe as those on Google play store.

Step 2 – Open WPS office and create a new document

How To Create A PDF File On Android using WPS office

From the list of installed apps on your phone click “WPS office” to open the app. After opening WPS office click the floating action button at the bottom right corner of the screen. A menu will popup with options to create different types of documents as shown below:

How To Create A PDF File On Android using WPS office

Choose the option to create a “New Document” and select “blank” document option to create a blank Microsoft document. You might be wondering why we are creating a Microsoft Word document instead of a PDF document right now.

Here is how it works. WPS office will allow us to create a Microsoft Word document which we will then save as PDF right there in the app.

Step 3 – Type your content in the document

How To Create A PDF File On Android using WPS office

WPS office has a decent share of word processing functions, such as pagination options, spellchecker, etc. You can even add pictures, tables, shapes, etc as much as you like in your content. After you are done creating your document, click the “file” tab and choose the “Export to PDF” option.

How To Create A PDF File On Android using WPS office

A popup will be shown with “saving” options. From the popup menu, choose your desired file name and saving location. Click the “Export to PDF” button. Your file will be saved as a PDF document.

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