Facts About Zimsec Certificates

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) is a parastatal under the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture. It was formed in 1996 for the purpose of administering public examinations in Zimbabwean schools.

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Zimsec is internationally recognised

According to the National Academic Recognitiation Centre (NARIC) of United Kingdom, Zimsec academic qualifications are internationally recognised and equivalent to the General Certificate Of Education Standard offered in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and the other English-speaking countries.

Academic qualifications offered by Zimsec

Zimsec offers the following academic qualifications:

  • ZIMSEC Grade Seven Certificate, awarded after sitting for Grade Seven examinations on the seventh and final year of primary education.
  • ZIMSEC General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (commonly known as "O-Levels"), awarded 2 year GCE O level course beginning in Form 3 to Form 4 (Year 10 to Year 11)
  • ZIMSEC General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (commonly referred to as "A-Levels"), a final school leaving qualification (Year 13) awarded to pupils completing high school or pre-university education.

Zimsec certificates are issued only for subjects in which candidates achieve grade E or better. This means that any subjects scored less than E wont appear on the certificate.

Zimsec does not combine grades obtained from various sittings

ZIMSEC cannot combine grades obtained from various sittings into a single certificate. A June exam and a November exam of the same year are two different sittings.

When a certificate is lost, ZIMSEC does not issue a duplicate certificate

The ZIMSEC certificate is issued once , so keep it safe. ZIMSEC does not issue a duplicate certificate for a lost certificate, so candidates are advised to laminate their certificates for protection against natural elements such as weather.

However, when a certificate is lost, ZIMSEC can provide a certifying statement of results for a fee. A prospective employer or tertiary institution can request for a confirmation of results for a specific person from ZIMSEC. Certifying statements and confirmation letters do not accommodate any subsequent name changes by individuals.

Replacement is given in the form of a certifying statement of results which is given after a fee has been paid, The certificate remains the property of Zimsec.

Certificates tampered with are nullified by ZIMSEC without replacement

Tampered with certificates, such as those altered by pen or computer, are nullified by ZIMSEC without replacement. Any alteration of a certificate renders it invalid,

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