Amazon Bans over 600 Chinese Brands For Review Fraud

Amazon has permanently banned over 600 Chinese brands across 3,000 different seller accounts after five months of its global crackdown. According to a spokesperson, the brands were banned for knowingly, repeatedly and significantly violating Amazon’s policies, especially the ones around review abuse.

Soliciting for reviews through incentives is a practice that Amazon banned in 2016. However some brands got around this in disguise of VIP testing programs or an extended warranty. For example, some companies only offer incentives after you’ve left a bad review. They’ll give you a free product or offer a “refund” of free money, no return required, as long as you’ll delete your negative review.

While practices like paying for positive reviews are rife on Chinese e-commerce platforms, Amazon began an extensive clean-up campaign in May that targeted such activities. However, this cleanup campaign is not targeting China or any other country, according to Cindy Tai, Amazon’s vice-president for Asia Global Selling, in an interview with state-owned broadcaster China Central Television on Friday. Tai also indicated that the closures did not negatively impact the overall growth of Chinese online merchants on Amazon.

Here’s Amazon’s full statement on review fraud:

"Amazon works hard to build a great experience in our store so that customers can shop with confidence and sellers have the opportunity to grow their business amid healthy competition. Customers rely on the accuracy and authenticity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions and we have clear policies for both reviewers and selling partners that prohibit abuse of our community features. We suspend, ban, and take legal action against those who violate these policies, wherever they are in the world.
We will continue to improve abuse detection and take enforcement action against bad actors, including those that knowingly engage in multiple and repeated policy violations, including review abuse. We are confident that the steps we take are in the best interests of our customers as well as the honest businesses that make up the vast majority of our global selling community.

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.

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