A List Of Undergraduate Programmes Offered By University of Zimbabwe (UZ)

The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) is located in capital, Harare. Officially opened in 1952, it is the oldest and largest university in Zimbabwe. UZ is famous for its insistence on quality assurance in the curriculum, student resources and facilities.

The university currently offers a whopping total of 84 accredited undergraduates programmes and 71 specialised post graduate degrees in

  • Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Health Sciences
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Veterinary Studies.

University of Zimbabwe is a morden ICT-driven institution boasting of a fast and reliable wireless internet connectivity which guarantees students accesses to the latest e-library resources.

Currently, UZ has 11 faculties, namely:

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University of Zimbabwe Undergraduate Admissions

In January of every year, University of Zimbabwe advertises for undergraduate degree programmes to prospective students through the national press and the university’s website.

To apply for an undergraduate degree, a prospective student must meet the following requirements:

  • at least five O’ level subjects, including English language.
  • at least two ‘A’ Level passes.

Undergraduate programmes

Agriculture Environment And Food Systems

  • BSc Honours Value Chain Development and Agricultural Marketing
  • BSc Honours Agricultural Development and Communication Systems
  • BSc Honours Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
  • BSc Honours Agricultural Informatics
  • BSc Honours Plant Production Science & Technology
  • BSc Honours Horticulture and Plantation Sciences
  • BSc Honours Crop Improvement and Seed Systems
  • BSc Honours Livestock Production and Nutrition Sciences
  • BSc Honours Livestock Improvement and Genetic Conservation
  • BSc Honours Rangeland Science and Livestock Production Ecology
  • BSc Honours Meat and Dairy Sciences and Technology
  • BSc Honours Soil Science and Land Management
  • BSc Honours Water and Waste Management Systems
  • BSc Honours Agricultural and Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • BSc Honours Climate Science Resilience and Livelihoods
  • BSc Honours Applied Environmental Sciences and Technology
  • BSc Honours Agricultural Equipment Design and Manufacturing Systems
  • BSc Honours Food Engineering
  • BSc Honours Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
  • BSc Honours Agricultural Processing Plant Design and Systems

Agriculture Environment And Food Systems Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Arts And Humanities

  • BSc Honours Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
  • BSc Honours Agricultural Processing Plant Design and Systems Engineering
  • BA Honours Film Radio and Television Production
  • BA Honours Multi-Media Production
  • BA Honours Media and Marketing Communication
  • BA Honours African Musicology
  • BA Honours Language Literature and Intercultural Communication
  • BA Honours Multilingual Communication Translation and Interpretation
  • BA Honours Multicultural Heritage and Tourism
  • BA Honours Philosophy Ethics and Human Development
  • BA Honours Religion Leadership and Society
  • BA Honours African Heritage and Knowledge Systems
  • BA Honours Archaeological Sciences and Human Development
  • BA Honours Digital Archival and Historical Information Management
  • BA Honours Zimbabwean History and International Affairs
  • BA Honours Heritage and Economic History
  • BA Honours History of War and Security
  • BA Honours Creative Designs, Animation and Motion Graphics
  • BA Honours Journalism,Media and Broadcasting
  • BA Honours Fine Arts
  • BA Honours Visual and performing Arts
  • BA Honours Conflict peace Building and Social Transformation
  • BA Honours Risk Reduction and Disaster Management

Arts And Humanities Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Business Management Sciences And Economics

  • BSc Honours Public Sector Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Honours Forensic Accounting
  • BSc Honours Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Honours Financial and Accounting Systems Development and Applications
  • BSc Honours Fiscal Management
  • BSc Honours Audit and Risk Management
  • BSc Honours Leisure and Hospitality Management
  • BSc Honours Culinary Arts and Hotel Catering
  • BSc Honours Economic Tourism Development
  • BSc Honours Integrated Tourism Marketing and Internationalisation
  • BSc Honours Business Enterprise Development
  • BSc Honours Human Capital Development Science
  • BSc Honours Business Management Systems Design and Applications
  • BSc Honours Business Marketing Informatics
  • BSc Digital Banking
  • BSc Honours Public Relations and Marketing
  • BSc Honours Supply Chain Management
  • BSc Honours Economics and Development
  • BSc Honours Business and Industrial Economics
  • BSc Honours Financial Economics and Trade
  • BSc Honours Computational Economics

Business Management Sciences And Economics Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Computer Engineering Informatics Communication

  • BSc Hon Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Cyber Security and Forensic Auditing
  • BSc Hons Network Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Data Science and Informatics
  • BSc Hons. Computer Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Hardware Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Hardware Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Software Engineering
  • BSc. Honours Computer Science
  • BSc. Honours Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • BSc. Honours Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

Computer Engineering Informatics Communication Undergraduate Degrees Requirements


  • Bachelor of Education (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Development and Management of Junior Education Schools
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Development and Management of Early Childhood Schools
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Early Childhood Development and Social Policy
  • Bachelor of Education Honours Special Needs and Assistive Technologies
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psycho-Social Guidance and Counselling
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Curriculum Design and Instructional Materials Production
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Leadership and Governance
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Languages and Literature
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Civics Religion and Ethics
  • Bachelor of Education Honours History Heritage and Economic Development
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Science Mathematics and Technology Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Science Education and Applications
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Materials Production
  • Bachelor of Education ( Honours) Peforming Arts and Heritage Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Design and Technology

Education Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Engineering And The Built Environment

  • BSc Honours Civil Engineering
  • BSc Honours Construction Engineering and Quantity Surveying
  • BSc Honours Chemical Engineering
  • BSc Honours Mining and Geological Engineering
  • BSc Honours Materials Technology and Engineering
  • BSc Honours Metallurgical Engineering
  • BSc Honours Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Industrial Engineering
  • BSc Honours Mechatronics
  • BSc Honours Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BSc Honours Energy and Power Systems Engineering
  • BSc Honours Automotive Engineering
  • BSc Honours Aeronautical Engineering
  • BSc Honours Geomatics Engineering
  • BSc Honours Land Administration and Management
  • BSc Honours Spatial Planning and Management
  • BSc Honours Architecture
  • BSc Honours Transport Systems Development
  • BSc Honours Real Estate

Engineering And The Built Environment Undergraduate Degrees Requirements


  • B. Laws Hons.
  • B.Substantive Laws

Medicine And Health Sciences

  • BSc Hons in Audiology
  • B. Pharmacy Hons.
  • BSc Hons Clinical Pharmacology
  • BSc Physiotherapy Hons.
  • BSc Hons Occupational and Environmental Health
  • BSc Hons Nursing Science
  • BSc Hons Forensic Medicine
  • BSc Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education and Health Promotion
  • BSc Hons. Radiography (Diagnosis)
  • BSc Hons Radiology Therapy
  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Optometry
  • BSc Honours Biomedical Sciences BSc BMS (with pathways to):
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB);
    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • BSc Honours Drug Discovery and Therapeutics
  • BSc Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Honours Biomedical Engineering
  • BSc Honours Medical Analytics and Informatics
  • BSc Honours Language and Speech Therapy

Medicine And Health Sciences Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Faculty of Science

  • BSc Honours Biotechnology and Biochemistry
  • BSc Honours Biological Sciences
  • BSc Honours Forestry Rangeland and Wildlife Ecology
  • BSc Honours Biodiversity and Heritage Conservation
  • BSc Honours Pollution and Environmental Chemistry
  • BSc Honours Aquatic Science and Ecology
  • BSc Honours Forensic Science
  • BSc Honours Industrial Chemistry
  • BSc Honours Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • BSc Honours Geological Sciences
  • BSc Honours Petroleum Chemistry and Technology
  • BSc Honours Geographical Information Science and Earth Observation
  • BSc Honours Geospatial Intelligence
  • BSc Honours Mathematics and Computational Science
  • BSc Honours Actuarial Science
  • BSc Honours Financial Mathematics
  • BSc Honours Data Science and Systems
  • BSc Applied Statistics
  • BSc Honours Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BSc Honours Food Science and Technology
  • BSc Honours Space Science and Technology
  • BSc Honours Climate Science and Meteorology
  • BSc Honours Industrial Physics
  • BSc Digital Disease Surveillance and Environmental Health
  • BSc Geography and Landscape Ecology
  • BSc Honours Materials Science
  • BSc Honours Medical Physics

Science Undergraduate Degrees Requirements

Faculty of Social And Behavioural Sciences

  • BSc Honours Government and Public Management
  • BSc Honours Political Science and Diplomacy
  • BSc Honours Social Innovation and Community Development
  • BSc Honours Smart Technology Applications and Community Development
  • BSc Honours Industrial Sociology
  • BSc Honours Urbanisation and Social Amenities Development
  • BSc Honours Anthropology and Cultural Heritage
  • BSc Honours Criminology and Society
  • BSc Honours Community Education and Lifelong Learning
  • BSc Honours Human Settlement Spatiality and Mobility
  • BSc Honours Population Science and Applied Demography
  • BSc Honours Organisational and Industrial Psychology
  • BSc Honours Child Development and Psychology
  • BSc Honours Developmental Psychology
  • BSc Honours Forensic Psychology and Criminology
  • BSc Transport Systems and Development
  • BSc Honours Social Work

Faculty of Veterinary Science

  • BSc Honours Veterinary Bioengineering
  • BSc Honours Veterinary Science Technology
  • BSc Honours Veterinary Science Therapeutics
  • BSc Honours Veterinary Science

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