8 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

8 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

8 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms

There are some critics who criticise why students should wear uniforms citing reasons such as that uniforms undermine a student’s creativity and prevents them from expressing their individuality. There are many more reasons why uniforms are being criticised. However, today I am going to present my argument on why students should wear uniforms in 8 points.

1. School uniforms are cost effective to the guardian

We all want to wear the trending designer clothes when in public. However, for our parents or guardians, uniforms are generally cost effective because a uniforms can be worn many times in a row than any other set of clothes. Without uniforms, parents would have to buy a huge variety of clothes for their kids to wear to schools so that the kids wouldn’t feel out of place when repeating clothes.

Instead of having a huge variety of clothes to wear to school, a student can spend a whole year rotating between two sets of uniforms and never feel out of place. Many uniform manufacturers mass produce durable uniforms that are affordable and at the same time stand up to repeated washing and wear. This allows families to save money and focus on other more important expenses.

2. School uniforms promote learning

Learning requires full attention without distractions. Uniforms allow students to focus on what they are learning instead of on what they are wearing.

3. School uniforms promote a sense of equality

8 Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms
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When students wear the same set of clothes, you cannot easily differentiate a poor kid from a rich kid because they will be looking the same. This reduces unhealthy competitive feelings between those who can afford fancy clothes and those who cannot. This creates a level platform where students stand out because of their character and not their clothes.

4. School uniforms promote a feeling of belonging

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When students wear schools uniforms, they feel included in the school community. They feel they are part of a greater team working towards success and this gives them higher opinions of themselves and the confidence to perform better.

5. School uniforms make it easier to prepare for school

School uniforms eliminate the indecision on what to wear in the morning. The students do not have to spend valuable time in the morning worrying whether they have anything matching to wear.

6. School uniforms promote student safety

School uniforms make students easily identifiable. This makes it easier to locate intruders on a school campus as those who aren’t wearing uniforms.

7. School uniforms helps regulates the dress code

School uniforms regulate the dress code by taking away the need to monitor and regulate clothing choices. Teachers can then have more time to focus on the curriculum and not on what the students are wearing.

8. School uniforms helps in identifying students

School uniforms can help in identifying students. This makes it easy to stop students from going into restricted areas. Student can’t even dodge school and roam around in the streets during school hours as they would be easily recognisable.

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