4 Top UK Universities For Distance Learning

4 Top UK Universities For Distance Learning

4 Top UK Universities For Distance Learning

Tertiary education can be taxing in terms of time, money and effort. Tertiary education through distance learning improve your qualification and boost your career at the same time allowing you time for other commitments.

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Advantages of distance learning include:

  • Flexible study options.
  • Convenient for many demanding lifestyles and commitments, such as employment or caring for a family.
  • Cost-effective because you don’t need to travel to campus to take lessons.
  • Access to a global community of learners.

There are many universities in the world that offer online distance learning opportunities. In this article we have chosen 4 of the best distance learning universities in the United Kingdom.

1. University College London

University College London (UCL) is one of the best universities in UK that offers a variety of studying options including full and part-time, modular/flexible, distance learning and short courses. The programs include even online Master’s degrees and graduate diplomas in subjects such as Neurology, Education, Security, Sports and much more.

A lot of programmes at UCL are either fully or partially offered via distance learning. Distance learning programs are taught through study materials such as lecture notes, podcasts and interactive tools which are available to the student via Moodle, UCL’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Visit the University London College website to learn more.

2. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers online distance learning programmes that are academically equivalent to on-campus degrees. This means that your degree will not mention whether you completed the programme online or on campus.

At University of Edinburgh you can study online to masters, diploma or certificate level, or take a short credit-bearing course. Though the online programmes involve the same amount of work as the on campus programmes the University is flexible about the time you can take to complete the degree.

Click here to search through the list of University Of Edinburgh online programs.

3. The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester was established in 1824 at it is now one of Britain’s leading universities for online distance learning.

The university’s teaching methods for distance learning enables the student to take charge of the learning process. They employ modern student-centric learning methods that include virtual sessions where students take an active role in online discussions, quizzes and tutorials.

The online courses are of either fixed or flexible duration, allowing the student pause studies if needed. Students also benefit from some scheduled activities such as meetings with their tutor. The university is also known for the best quality, breadth and volume of research activity in the UK.

Visit the University of Manchester website to learn more.

4. University of Glasgow

‌The University of Glasgow is one of the best universities in the UK that offers a wide range of online postgraduate programmes and short courses as well as free MOOCs (massive online open courses). The university offers online study options in subjects related to Medicine, Education and Business.

Visit the University Of Glasgow website to learn more.

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