4 Essential Strategies To Boost Your Service-Based Business Online

One of the most asked questions by people selling a service, or planning to sell a service over the web is, "What do I need to do differently from my competitors to get noticed more than them?" If you have also been asking yourself the same question, thats fine, then this article is for you.

One of the things you have to realise when you are a service-based business is that when you sell a service you are the product. You can either be a:

  • front-end developer
  • real estate agent
  • doctor
  • wedding planner
  • lawyer
  • bed & breakfast lodge owner
  • auto-mechanic
  • electrician
  • caterer
  • hair stylist
  • fitness trainer
  • accountant
  • investment advisor
  • landscaper
  • or whatever service provider.

You are the product because you are not selling a tangible product but selling your time to someone who needs your service.

In this article we are going to explore the SEO strategies you must have under your belt if you are a service-based business trying to gain visibility.

Fix your website

Analyse your website and see if a visitor who has never heard of you can tell where your business is located and who it serves. Make sure your targeted service area is prominently shown in your Home page, your contact page, your about us page, as well as in the footer of every important page.

When someone visits your website looking for your services, they have to easily tell where you are located and what area you service.

Add these details into your website metadata and the search engines will help you reach local customers doing specific searches for services in your business service area.

Take advantage of "Google My Business"

Google has easily maintained its search engine domination for many years, boasting of almost 80% of the search market share. Talking of numbers, Google receives 5.6 billion searches every day, and a larger chunk of search these queries are for services providers. This means a large percentage of Google searches are done by individuals who are looking for service providers like you.

That is where Google My Business comes in handy. Google My Business, can help you become more visible to people searching for your products or services. It is a free service that gets your business pinned on Google Maps and in the local rank results too.

Local ranking is very important because it ranks your business high when a query is received from your specific service area. Creating and verifying your business with Google means that you will rank higher in local ranking.

Take advantage of local citations

Local citations are business listings in local directories. Most local business directories can get your business listed for free. Just search your location on Google with the keyword ‘directories. For example if you are in Harare, you can search, "Harare directories". Or you can click this link to search for local directories near you.

Get favourable reviews

Usually when people are looking up a local service, the most common things they look for are reviews from other customers. Reviews are testimonials that other potential clients can trust.

The best way to get favourable reviews is to provide quality service. Show every customer that they matter. You can request these from previous customers. That’s okay.

What’s not okay is soliciting for reviews through bribes and incentives. Google My Business allows customers to leave reviews for service. However, don’t let customers log into their Gmail account from your computer to leave a review on your business. Google will identify your IP address and likely flag the reviews as false. That won’t help your business rank.

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.

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