3 Gender based misconceptions that wont die

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1. There are some things that are acceptable for a man but not for a woman

It is completely wrong to say that what is right for a man is wrong for a woman, due to the pure reason that right and wrong have nothing to do with gender. What is right for a man should be equally right for a woman. The same goes for what is wrong.

To say what is wrong for a woman is right for a man is the same as saying men are superior to women, when yet there shouldn’t be such a thing as inferiority or superiority genderwise.

As much as we celebrate the differences in our respective gender based capabilities, man is not superior to woman, nor is woman superior to man.

2. Gender equality means men and women should be identical

Gender equality does not mean to say that male and female are the same. They are so much different that they can be classified as opposites. Failure to differentiate between male and female often worsens the plight of women. As evident by many of the efforts for empowering women seem to ignore the differences of gender and tend to treat women as if they are identical to men and have to be trained in precisely the same way. You cannot claim to be getting rid of the inferiority of a woman by making her a man because a woman is not inferior to begin with. To make her a man would be to admit that she is inferior as a woman.

As such, the relation of the sexes should be one of equality and diversity, not of better and worse, or of higher and lower. Gender equality should be about making the genders equal, not identical. A lily is not inferior to the oak, just by being a lily. For, the glory of the lily is different from the glory of the oak.

3. Women are intellectually inferior because they have smaller brains

Women are often considered intellectually inferior because they have smaller brains. While it’s true that, on average, women’s brains are smaller, by about 10%, this isn’t evidence for intellectual inferiority. If the size of the brain really mattered, then sperm whales and elephants should have been more intelligent than humans since they have "bigger brains".

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