16 Year Old Girl Beaten To Death For Having 6 Boyfriends

A 27-year-old man from Gweru was convicted of beating his 16-year-old sister to death and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. The teenager, a Form 3 student, was being accused of promiscuity after the brother discovered that she was dating 6 boyfriends.

It all started when Tryphine, a Form 3 student at Ascot High School in Gweru, returned home at around 6 PM. When she told her brother that she had been at the shops he did not believe her. He then went through her WhatsApp messages and discovered that she was dating 6 boys. In anger, he threatened to beat her up accusing her of being promiscuous and Tryphine fled home to her aunt’s place in Mtapa Section 7, Gweru.

The next morning, the aunt accompanied Tryphine back home to try and solve the issue. After talking through the matter with the aunt, Tarisai decided he was still going to discipline his sister for being promiscuous.

He then beat Tryphine with an electric cord and ordered her to call all her 6 boyfriends to end the relationships. After that he continued to assault her, not knowing that this would be the last day he would see his sister alive.

After the assault, Tryphine complained that she was feeling cold and was put to bed by her aunt. Sadly, She passed away in her sleep a few hours later leading to the arrest of Tarisai.

Terrence Tarisai pleaded not guilty to the murder of his sister Tryphine when he appeared before Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Maxwell Takuva.

Following a full trial, Justice Takuva reduced the murder charge against Tarisai to culpable homicide. In passing sentence, the High Court judge lamented the increase in cases of excessive use of force against minors during disciplining.

"There is need for parents and guardians to avoid excessive force when disciplining their children because it leads to unnecessary loss of life. A young life was lost unnecessarily. The accused is found guilty of culpable homicide and is sentenced to eight years in prison. A year of his sentence is suspended on condition of good behaviour."

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.

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