10 Things To Avoid In A Job Interview

10 Things To Avoid In A Job Interview

10 Things To Avoid In A Job Interview

A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience even for the most confident person. However, with proper preparation, you can avoid making the most common interview mistakes. Here are 10 things you should definitely avoid during an interview.

1. Never speak badly of your old boss

When asked why you left your previous job, never speak badly of your previous boss. Criticising your old boss gives the hiring team the impression that you’re difficult to manage.

Instead, when answering such a question, focus on your ambitions, such as how this new job will help you achieve your future goals.

2. Never be late for your interview

Never be late for your interview. Punctuality is one of the most important trait that employers look for. Its better to be early and wait for the interview than to be late and have the interviewers wait for you.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview. Besides proving to the interviewers you’re organized, reliable and eager it also allows you to take some time to compose yourself before the interview.

3. Never attend to your cellphone during an interview

Never attend to your cellphone during an interview, even if you’re just checking the time. This may create an impression that you are a rude or easily distracted person.

Switch off your cellphone or any other distracting device you might have, before you go into the interview room.

4. Never lie

Nobody needs to be told this, but never lie about anything in an interview. There is no excuse for being dishonesty and usually when the company discovers the truth, you are automatically disqualified from the job.

5. Avoid Fidgeting

Avoid fidgeting or fiddling either with items on the desk or with your hands and feet. This is usually interpreted as a sign of boredom, nervousness or lack of interest in the conversation.

6. Avoid blaming others for your past mistakes

When asked about the time you made a mistake at work, never say you never made a mistake or blame your coworkers. Take responsibility for your actions and explain what you learned from your mistakes.

7. Never cross your arms

Crossing your arms indicates many negative characteristics. It might give the impression that you are defensive, rude or stubborn.

8. Never go into an interview without researching the company

Lack of research is unforgivable in this age and time where companies put all their information on their websites. Visit the homepage and "About Us" page on the company website. Memorise their mission, vision and values. Social media accounts are also the best place to glean some information about the company. You can use that information to ask smart questions in the interview.

9. Never give unclear answers in an interview

Structure the answer in your mind before responding to a question. Don’t include ambiguous information or end abruptly without fulfilling all that the question is requiring. Speak naturally without mumbling or rushing your words.

10. Never sit down before being invited to

Wait until you’re shown a seat to sit down. Once seated, avoid slumping in your chair. Sit up straight and plant your feet firmly in the ground.

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