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The Heritage Studies syllabus covers four years of secondary education (Forms 1 – 4). The syllabus covers the national history of the people of Zimbabwe, liberation struggle, natural resources, cultural norms and values, beliefs, historical sites, indigenous crafts and food heritage.

The focus of the syllabus is on facilitating the learner to become a responsible citizen of Zimbabwe, who is patriotic, competent, self-reliant and has a sense of national pride. The syllabus also aims at upholding the spirit of Unhu/Ubuntu/Vumunhu/Vumunhu (societal norms and values). It is envisaged that the syllabus will produce a creative learner who has the knowledge to explore and exploit the available resources for survival. The syllabus
utilises Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance the teaching and learning of Heritage Studies.

The Heritage Studies syllabus seeks to develop individuals who have a collective responsibility for protecting and investing in their cultural, natural and liberation heritage and wealth creation for posterity. It develops a spirit of national consciousness and moulds the human character which is the foundation of Unhu/Ubuntu/Vumunhu
(societal norms and values).

The syllabus seeks to uphold our national unity, sovereignty and governance by embracing the Zimbabwean
Constitution, national symbols and events which foster patriotism, national identity and a sense of pride and
ownership of factors of production such as natural resources such as land.


Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.


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