Zimbabwean Teachers Demand Bonuses In $US among other demands

Teachers in Zimbabwe have demanded that their 13th cheque of 2021 be paid in United States dollars since the economic crisis has worsened their lives. This is a result of the local currency losing its buying power.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) said bonuses in USD will buoy them above the ever rising inflation rate.

"The ZIMTA-Ehlekweni Vocational Training Institute Declaration of 06 November 2021, resolved that the employer must pay the 2021 bonuses for educators in full this November to cushion educators against inflation-induced income losses," said ZIMTA.

The teachers are also demanding that the government put in place a facility that enables them to access the weekly USD$ 50 from their individual Nostro accounts.

"This has been necessitated by the failure of the majority to access their weekly forex allocations availed to them via local banks and Bureau de changes by RBZ. Ultimately, this move will enable educators to access part of their salaries in USD and eventually solve a longstanding grievance from the teachers," said ZIMTA.

With effect from the November 2021 exams, teachers are demanding the invigilation of examinations to be paid for by ZIMSEC, as this will guarantee the quality of examinations while motivating the teachers and introducing equity in the treatment of all those who manage examinations.

According to ZIMTA, evidence at hand is that ZIMSEC is capable of paying for the invigilation of exams.

Teachers have also demanded that the employer pay for all their specific sector allowances with effect from December 2021.

"The declaration stated that the salary for a Grade D level Teacher of USD$540 has to be honored by November 2021 at the latest. The ZIMTA-Ehlekweni Bulawayo, November 2021 Declaration further stipulates and warns the employer that fails to meet these demands from the educators, within the above specified time frames may lead to disruptions of activities within schools, compromising the quality and equal access to education for learners, disturbing examination invigilation and ultimately the failure of moderation and capture of CALA results."

Source : 263Chat

Sydney Chako

Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics teacher at Sytech Learning Academy. From Junior Secondary School to Tertiary Level Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Science.

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