Microsoft Paint Gets First Redesign In Over 10 years

Microsoft paint gets first redesign in over 10 years in the latest Windows 11 operating system. Though it’s not available for download for Windows Insiders yet, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay posted a brief video on twitter of the new design, showing off its updated look, a new dark mode, better text tools, updated brushes, and other tweaks that collectively serve to modernize the app a bit.

From the look of it, this new version of MS Paint might just graduate into a full-featured photo editing app like Adobe Photoshop.

Microsoft PaintRescued From The Bin

For a moment in 2017 Microsoft deprecated the Paint app, officially halting its development and declaring that it would be removed from the suite of default Windows apps in favor of the newer Paint 3D. However, the app was saved a couple of years later and given an under-the-hood update that improved screen reader support and added keyboard controls.

The future of Microsft Paint

Its still not clear what the future holds for MS Paint, whether the new update might not signal a renewed spark to upgrade Paint into an actual heavy-duty image editor. The updated Paint app will be going out to Windows Insiders "soon."

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