Antivax Germany nurse injects 9000 people with saline instead of Covid vaccine

Antivax Germany nurse is reported to have injected 9000 people with saline instead of Covid vaccine. Authorities in North Germany have since asked more than 8000 people to repeat their Covid vaccinations because a nurse is suspected of having injected them saline solution instead of vaccine.

North Germany Police are in the midst of investigating the nurse’s actions at a vaccination centre in Friesland.

In April the nurse had admitted that she had given saline to only six people to cover up the fact that she had dropped a vaccine vial on the floor. But as the police investigations proceeded, it became apparent that more than six people had been given saline instead of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Antibody testing was carried out and it was found that a much wider group of people had been impacted.

According to regional broadcaster NDR, 8,557 people have been asked to go back for repeat vaccinations, and so far about 3,600 new appointments have been confirmed.

Police have also discovered that the woman, who worked with the Red Cross, had shared vaccine-skeptical posts on social media, NDR said.

Inspector Peter Beer, quoted by Süddeutsche Zeitung, said the 40-year-old woman had been sharing “corona-critical information” on social media, criticising the government’s restrictions aimed at curbing the virus’s spread.

Police are not ruling out that a political motive, though her lawyers have rejected that and they also dispute the reported scale of the saline swap.

saline instead of Covid vaccine

Saline solution is a mixture of sodium chloride (salt) and water. Though the saline solution is itself harmless, the majority of those vaccinated in this incident in are older and at a higher risk of developing Covid.

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